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AI@PMWC 2024: Reflections from Silicon Valley

Arnout Van Hyfte

As precision medicine conferences go, the annual Silicon Valley Precision Medicine World has to rank as one of the most sweepingly comprehensive events for the global healthcare, life sciences, and biotechnology community. And the just concluded PMWC 2024 was no exception. Over three days, the event assembled over 400 recognized speakers across six program tracks to slice and dice topics of contemporary relevance to provide a thoroughly illuminating and exhaustive “current & desired state” perspective.


Take for instance the event’s dedicated track on AI & Data Sciences. Over three days, a panel of some of the most illustrious names in the industry came together to create a multifunctional, multidimensional, and multifaceted frame of reference for all things AI in biology and health. To qualify that statement, the event featured nearly 25 keynotes, speaker sessions, and panels that addressed nearly every aspect of AI in the life sciences: opportunities, barriers, and challenges of clinical AI, the increasing prominence of multi-modal datasets and Real-World Evidence (RWE)/Real-World Data (RWD) in drug development process and healthcare, challenges of data harmonization and querying, the importance of global data sharing, security and privacy frameworks and the emerging role of foundational models in precision medicine, to name just a few.


Of course, given the ubiquity of AI in the current life sciences narrative, it was perhaps inevitable that the AI theme percolated into other program tracks as well, e.g. AI-enhanced cell therapy development.

 IPA Biostrand PMWC 2024-2-2

Shuji Sato, Sr Director of Client Relations @ IPA | Arnout Van Hyfte, Head of Products & Platform @ BioStrand


Given the breadth and depth of experience, knowledge, and innovations on display, it was a privilege to represent Biostrand and IPA in the AI and Data Sciences Showcase at PMWC 2024. Our showcase session focused on the Integration of Wet Lab and In Silico and IPA’s innovative Neuro Symbolic methodology that harmonizes knowledge layers with unstructured data and integrates the antibody discovery and characterization process for transparent and accurate functionality.


From diagnostics to liquid biopsies to therapeutic development, PMWC 2024 platformed a wide variety of research pipeline tasks and touchpoints that reinforced the critical importance of AI in helping us better understand the increasingly complex datasets of the day. More importantly, the event underscored our founding belief that the biggest impact of AI will be in enabling researchers to interpret and extract full value from complex multi-modal data to make therapeutics and diagnostics more personalized.


At Biostrand, our vision continues to be on harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology to tackle the most complex biotherapeutic challenges of our time. LENSai, our advanced AI platform, continues to evolve apace with successive generations of AI to create a powerful synergy of technologies that empower fully integrated research that is crucial for advancing precision medicine.

 LENSai In Silico Immunogenicity Screening-2-2

LENSai In Silico Immunogenicity Screening


Our AI-first architecture has enabled us to quickly and efficiently integrate emergent predictive and generative reasoning capabilities into life sciences-specific requirements. Around the core of our patented HYFT technology, we have synergistically integrated several critical technological components — a comprehensive and continuously expanding knowledge graph of the entire biosphere, the latest advances in ontology-driven NLP and AI-driven LLMs, the versatile information retrieval capabilities of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), the reasoning capabilities of neuro symbolic systems — to provide a next-generation unified framework for holistic life sciences research.


As we enter a new era of multi-modal AI models, our AI-first technological foundations uniquely position us to understand, implement, and deploy these powerful tools for end-to-end life sciences applications while maintaining extremely high standards of performance, transparency, and ethics. My PMWC 2024 experience further corroborates our distinct innovation trajectory in in-silico drug discovery and development to complement in vivo and in vitro workflows.  


To discuss how BioStrand can help you accelerate your work toward precision, please connect with us here.

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