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June 13th, 2024

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. Subsidiary BioStrand Receives Prestigious 2024 Impact Award for Groundbreaking LENSai™ Technology

June 13th, 2024

BioStrand, ImmunoPrecise Antibodies’ Subsidiary, Announces Immediate Commercial Offering of Groundbreaking Software with Customizable Interface for AI-Driven Drug Discovery

June 7th, 2024

IPA’s Subsidiary, BioStrand, Announces Advanced Large Language Model (LLM) for Electronic Health Records (EHR)

April 2nd, 2024

InterSystems and IPA’s Subsidiary BioStrand Collaborate to Unveil the Innovative Integration of Vector Search with LENSai for AI-Driven Healthcare Applications

March 8th, 2024

IPA’s subsidiary BioStrand Unveils Major Breakthrough in Life Sciences with Advanced Foundation AI Model Utilizing LLM Stacking and HYFT Technology

November 13th, 2023

BioStrand® Unveils a Revolutionary Approach to Biological Sequence Retrieval: A Fusion of Natural Language Processing and Database Research

October 25th, 2023

IPA’s Subsidiary, BioStrand, Provides an Update on LENSai™

BioStrand Unveils Groundbreaking Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)-Based LLM Platform Integrated with Patented HYFT Technology ...
June 12th, 2023

IPA Releases New HYFT-Powered In Silico Humanization Platform, Aims to Disrupt the Transgenic Animal Model Market

VICTORIA, British Columbia, June 6, 2023 – ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. (NASDAQ: IPA) (“IPA” or the “Company”) today introduced a...
June 1st, 2023

IPA's Subsidiary, BioStrand, Solves the Information Integration Dilemma (IID) for Systems Biology

VICTORIA, British Columbia May 30, 2023 – ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. (NASDAQ: IPA) (“ImmunoPrecise” or “IPA” or the “Company”), an...
April 24th, 2023

LENSᵃⁱ Update: IPA’s BioStrand LENSᵃⁱ™ integrates advanced HYFT® technology to enhance LLMs and accelerate antibody discovery.

Dr. Dirk Van Hyfte, Head of Innovation and Co-Founder at BioStrand, stated, “The integration of HYFT technology into our LLMs marks a...
March 30th, 2023

ImmunoPrecise’s Subsidiary Talem Enters into Exclusive Research Collaboration and License Option Agreement with Astellas

Agreement Focuses on in silico and de novo Discovery and Development of Antibodies Against Tumor Microenvironment Targets. Program will...
March 27th, 2023

European Patent Office to Grant BioKey’s Patent Application for Foundational HYFT® Technology

Company Received Official Notice from the European Patent Office (EPO) for the Decision to Grant its Patent Application on April 5th,...
March 15th, 2023

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies’ Subsidiary Talem Therapeutics Announces a Multi-Target AI-Driven Antibody Discovery Collaboration with Libera Bio

The program will leverage BioStrand’s LENSai® Full Suite of Integrated Intelligence Technology® with Libera Bio’s Multifunctional...
December 8th, 2022

IPA’s Subsidiary BioStrand Completes Integration of 20 Million Proprietary Structural HYFT™ and Accelerates in Silico Drug Discovery Developments

Structural HYFT Technology is used as a navigational layer to parse over the protein predictive platforms AlphaFold-2 and Evolutionary...
November 29th, 2022

IPA’s Subsidiary BioStrand and BriaCell Announce Artificial Intelligence Collaboration and License Agreement to Discover and Develop Anti-Cancer Antibodies

October 12th, 2022

IPA’s subsidiary Talem Therapeutics Licenses Antibodies for Three OmniChicken-Derived Programs

May 9th, 2022

IPA’s Subsidiary BioStrand Secures Second VLAIO Research Grant

IPA subsidiary BioStrand receives grant to expand LENSai platform by linking HYFTs™ with 3D protein structure and function
April 14th, 2022

IPA Completes Acquisition of Belgian Technology Companies BioStrand, BioKey, and BioClue

March 29th, 2022

BioStrand Acquired by IPA

DIEPENBEEK, BELGIUM, March 29th, 2022 – BioStrand BV is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive share purchase agreement...
January 12th, 2022

BioStrand secures second VLAIO research grant

Diepenbeek, Belgium - 12 January 2022 - Belgian end-to-end multi-omics analysis platform provider BioStrand has received a €460,000 round...